The story between me and SNSD/Taeyeon

It’s all started with Running Man.

I have heard their name “少女時代 / Girls Generation” for quite sometimes, but that’s the first time I look properly to the girls, on Running Man EP63.

My reaction was like: “Hm… lovely ladies, good to have some beauty come to the show.”

The first one that caught my eyeballs was Yoona, and then Seohyun.

As the games go by, I found these ladies  are really cute and sincere, and Taeyeon is really playful together with Haha.

After the show, I don’t know why and I couldn’t help,  but google them. From there, I started to know all 9 of them. I watched through their hit song’s MV, from their latest single <The Boys> <Mr. Taxi> <Gee> <Genie> <Oh!> etc. Then the incredible YouTube led me to one and another variety shows that SNSD participate. I found many of their fansites, and saw endless amount of their gorgeous photos!

Now, I couldn’t help myself but check out their FB fanpages, YouTube channel all the time!

After awhile, there is this one lady really catch my heart.

She is kind, she is pretty, she is amazing in singing.

She don’t like to cry in front of many people, she don’t like to make people worry for her, she don’t pretend to be lady and hide her true ahjumma’s laugh away.

She is the dorky kid leader Kim-Taeyeon!

So I figure maybe I should set up a site, and share whatever i wanna share about Taeyeon, and also SNSD ^^

This is my story with Taeyeon and SNSD. What about yours? Tell me yours 🙂


4 responses to “The story between me and SNSD/Taeyeon

  1. same as me too…i started to fall in love with taeyeon when i saw her in the beatles code…the way she laugh, her gorgeous look…really captured my heart, after saw their countless moments and variety shows, interviews…..i just happen to really…really fall in love with this beautiful lady…can’t resist her charm….

  2. same as me. she is so adorable.
    but i started fond her when i listenend her voice in genie song. at that time, i was so curious about one voice who makes me melt. then i found about her information for the next day. and till now iám so happy for being taegangster and sone. she’s my mood booster. well u can think that i’am overact. but its true. 🙂

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